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Tired of High Gas Prices? Use Water For Gas

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Saving money on gas is something everyone has been wanting to go, especially with the rising costs of gas, and upcoming peak in a couple of months. So far, many companies have come and gone in their efforts to help people save money on gas (and make a profit for themselves as well). Some of the infamous ones are BioPerformance with their green pills, Ecoenergizer (with Nanoenergizer) that seems to have not given the complete truth since the beginning about their product, and is a rather disorganized company, and some others such as Ethos FR. All in all, 2006 was the year when tons of companies showed up promising to help you save on gas, but almost nothing really worked.

The answer to the rising fuel costs might actually be found not in the future, but a bit in the history, 1935 to be exact. That was the first time that a vehicle using a fuel-based internal combustion engine ran on water (yes, the simple H2O), and water that was taken directly out of the Dallas lake. Supposedly, Henry "Dad" Garrett, the famous inventor from Dallas who built the first electric traffic signal used all over the nation, developed the first police radio dispatch system, and was also the inventor of the Hydrolytic Carburetor - that lets you run your car on water! Henry "Dad" Garrett, with his son Charles Garrett, demonstrated the vehicle, and the news was run by the newspaper as well. In 1935, a patent was issued in the name of Charles Garrett for the invention. Then, like all the other awesome alternative devices that have been build over the history (Tesla comes to mind), this one was suppressed and lost too.

The car was promised to be provide instant start-up in any weather, cooler and safer performance, and obviously, HUGE savings in gas. The average American driver spends about $25-$45 every week on gas during the peak seasons. This is about $2000 a year. Place that in a ROTH IRA, and you'll have over $1.2 million in 50 years! Assuming there are about 100 million active drivers (there are more cars, I know, but this is a conservative estimate), the money spent by the American people on gas every year is about $200 billion! And this is conservative! Imagine how much could be done for the needy, and how many good systems could be put in place for overall betterment of lives if this amount was saved on gas every year! Well, knowing American thinking, most people would probably just waste that money on something else. Anyway, this great invention, that was made 75 years ago, and could have been perfected and been in place a long time ago, is still something that only a handful of people know about and apply regularly.

Question - Who would ever want to prevent the mass production of a device that completely removes the dependence on oil? HINT : Think Oil.

Anyway, as it turns out, the development of this system is pretty inexpensive and easy (if you have a few tools, that many do). All you need is the blueprint and instructions on building it, which you can from the site mentioned in the resources area.

He never received any credit for his development of the traffic light system and the carburettor was another great invention that has gone unnoticed for a long time now. The savings on gas today through this are astronomical, and it begs the question why the government that claims to care for the good of the American people doesn't bring this to public attention and fund mass production?

Hint : Think Oil And Politics!

In any case, this won't be the first time the government has done something to take away more from the people and give it to the powers-that-be. The Federal Reserve System, the unconstitutional income taxes, and many other moves that directly benefit the small group of private bankers are out in the open if you're just willing to look into it. Even the presidential candidate Ron Paul has been speaking out against the IRS and the Federal Reserve.

This is another reason for the common man to grill the government that now 'rules' them, instead of serving them.

Here's a small clipping from an article that was run in 1992 regarding the carburetor:
Headline : Early inventor builds water-powered auto
Date : September 6, 1992
Page : 48A
Edition : HOME FINAL
Author : A.C. Greene
Word Count : 398
Text : The late Henry "Dad" Garrett was a multi-talented Dallas inventor with a bent for electrical contrivances, and in 1935, he and his son, C.H. Garrett, patented and exhibited an automobile that ran on water -- actually, on hydrogen after the water was broken down by electrolysis. Dad Garrett was already famous for his work. In 1920 he set up WRR in Dallas, the world's first municipal radio station, and was its first announcer. He was the first man to build a radio in his car, and he developed radio transmission from the car for police use. He also invented an automatic electric traffic signal, possibly the nation's first.

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