Saturday, December 29, 2007

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Our site SmartGas is non-profit. We hope our information is fresh, helpful and saves money for you. We try to update frequently. Our dedication is to Truth and facts alone. We do not work for money and draw no salary. Nobody pays us or buys us. Our research is in the fields of fuels, energy and oils. We promise to discover whatever we can to prevent the drain of our national resources to foreign countries. We all absolutely have to CONSERVE FUEL and by so doing reduce pollution and keep Greenhouse Gases at a lower level. So-called watchdog groups such as the impotent EPA, Sierra Club and API have not done it, and likely never will. The amount of carbon released into the atmosphere MUST be lessened greatly. So we are trying to do it alone by experimenting with chemicals and engines and publishing. Climate Change or Global Warming presents the most serious threat in History. Many corporate people in this country encourage petroleum waste or it would have stopped in a heartbeat long ago. Donations are gratefully accepted and will go faithfully toward our dyno facility to give YOU accurate data on fuels and devices for great MPG. Donations of any size will help to continue research that eats up our meager resources. Thanks to all who have given their critique and advice and who appreciate the important role of FUEL MILEAGE in our daily lives.


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