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Is Water4Gas A Scam?

Water4Gas A Scam?

Water4gas scam? I have received a lot of e-mail questions about this product, because I have provided a link to it. This subject also has been discussed heavily on the Internet. Well, I decided to shell out the $97 and purchased the two books about turning water into a usable fuel.

After reading the two books plus the bonus book, which total just fewer than 400 pages of facts and information about turning water into fuel. It's hard to call the water4gas system a scam.

What the website may not make clear is that you are not purchasing a ready to install system. What you are paying for is an education in ways to increase your fuel economy plus the directions to build your own hydrogen on demand system.

The guy who wrote this book truly wants you to have success at increasing your fuel economy. The books go way beyond hydrogen gas production with out going into the basics like pump up your tires and change your air filter stuff you see all over the net

Water4Gas scam: After reading the 3 books I was left with the impression that this hydrogen system cannot only work but is also a very good idea.

I do think that the system has room for improvements. And this is the nice part of the water 4 gas system. It teaches you enough about the subject of turning water into hydrogen gas so you can make adjustments that fit your application and availability of components.

For example, a plastic mason jar that is the main component of the system and actually produces and collects the brown hydrogen gas certainly has room for improvement.

My thought is that a visit to a junkyard and grabbing a coolant recovery tank from an E-350 and modifying the top of it to hold the components would be a more reliable and stronger set up.

What I also liked about the books was they contained information about expanding the basic hydrogen system into a mega system that includes many different ways of increasing fuel economy that can be combined on the same vehicle.

Example of Water4Gas Tips

One example is the fuel heating system. It has been recognized for years that heating the fuel will expand the fuel molecules and provide increased fuel economy.

To prove my point it is commonly recommended that when you fill your fuel tank you do so in the morning, when the gas stations in ground fuel tank is cooler providing a denser fuel per gallon.

If you were to purchase the fuel at the end of a hot summer's day, you would actually receive less fuel for your dollar due to the expansion of the fuel from heat.

So the ideas in the book are to buy the fuel cold and heat it before it enters the combustion chamber. This is the same principle as buying low and selling high (well slightly modified)

Is Water4Gas Scam or Real?

After reading the three books, it's hard to call the water4gas system a scam. So much effort was put into testing the systems and providing information about it that it's hard to consider it anything but valuable.

I believe that some people are calling water for gas a scam because they expect more than a book. Visitors to the website more than likely quickly look at the pictures and expect a ready to go package to be delivered.

This is not the case; the books provide pictures and part numbers and places to buy the items needed to build your own system and instructions on how to install it.

After doing some research on the basic part of the system I have found that it operates very similar to alcohol injection kits that have been available for racecars for many years.

Alcohol injection kits can be very expensive, costing up to $600. The water for gas website has found a less expensive way to build and install a system that will increase fuel economy. Plus you can continue to expand the system at your own pace to further increase your miles per gallon.

Should You Buy Water4Books?

As fuel prices reach record highs, alternative means for increasing fuel economy is a necessary marketplace. The two books provided at the water for gas website provided me with the motivation to pursue learning more about the subject and start building a fuel efficiency system.

So to answer the question, water4gas scam. You will have to make your own decision on that subject, because the word scam means different things to different people.

Can you buy the books, learn about extracting hydrogen gas from water to be burned in your engine, build and install a fuel efficiency increasing system that will raise your average fuel economy, the answer is yes.

The author of the book has taken a lot of time to research the subject and try out many different ways of implementing a brown gas hydrogen system that will work on any gas burning car or truck.

Water4gas scam: The books come with a money back guarantee, but I will not be returning my copies.

I wouldn't feel right, returning these books after what they have taught me.

You will have to make your own decision on whether learning about cutting edge ways to increase fuel economy is worth the price tag and right for you.

I do know this, gas prices will be going much higher and we all need to do something to fight back.

The oil company's and car manufacturers would have you believe that nothing can be done and this is not true. People who think outside the box and take action are making new rules for average fuel economy.

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