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Understanding and Installing

Understanding and Installing
Your Own
Solar Electric System

Understanding Solar Power

If you want information on solar electric systems, written in a non-technical manner that you can easily understand, you've come to the right place.

With all the technical jargon kept to a minimum (and when necessary, fully explained), you will have all the answers to the questions that have made you a little hesitant, in the past, to get more involved in this clean, renewable form of energy production.

The environmental importance of alternative forms of energy production cannot be overstated.
Solar power, wind power and micro-hydro power are non-polluting, renewable and sustainable forms of energy production and their use should be actively encouraged.

An important step in this direction is to have readable, easy to understand information available.

Now, with the information offered here, you will be able to move forward and take advantage of this clean, renewable source of electrical power.

Taking the Mystery Out of Solar Power

Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System takes the mystery out of solar electrical systems.
It explains solar power in language that the average person will have no trouble understanding and putting to good use.
Understanding Solar

It takes you through the learning process step by step, starting with an overview of solar power and continues on with one of the most important things involved when living with an alternative energy system, i.e., energy conservation.

You'll learn about the various components of a solar electric system - batteries, inverters, charge controllers, photovoltaic panels, etc. and how they connect to and interact with each other to form a complete solar electric system.

"This book is well written and easy to understand for the novice, and the everyday person.
(It).. also attends to the basics of energy conservation and how important it is to succeed in that discipline..."
Bonnee Caplan, eBook Reviews Weekly

Understanding How Solar Power Works

Now days, most people realize that solar energy is here to stay.
It works, it's affordable and the positive environmental impact is substantial.

However, many people are slightly baffled by the idea of having plenty of electrical power, without the large utility companies being involved.

  • How does solar power work?

  • How do the various components of the system hook up and interact with each other?

  • Could I install it myself?

  • Can I still use all my appliances?

  • How will I know if its being installed correctly?

  • What if I'm already tied into the regular power grid?

These and just about any other questions you may have are all answered in Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System.

"In all, your book does a great job of explaining what things are called, how they work, and how to hook ‘em up…..and is nearly jargon-free, with any technical words thoroughly explained.
I am also glad to see the strong emphasis put on using efficient appliances."
Dan Fink


Just some of the areas that are covered in this e-book are:

Energy Conservation
System Design and Sizing
Electricity Basics
System Components
Charge Controllers
Wiring and Safety
Installation and Maintenance
Grid Intertie (using solar power with grid-tied power)
Energy Saving Appliances

and much, much more.

Numerous charts and work sheets help you calculate the overall size of the system you will need and the size of the various components involved.

Though every thought was given to explaining solar electric systems in an everyday manner, there is a glossary to explain any terms you may not be familiar with.

Click here for a look at the complete Table of Contents.

One of the more useful features of the ebook is an online resource-reference section , included in the appendix.
Here, there are over 150 online links to various sources of information on all aspects of alternative energy.

There are links to government agencies, equipment dealers and manufacturers, online magazines and publications, research facilities and dozens of other sites that deal with alternative energy.

With this reference section, the answers to any questions that may come to mind are only a couple of clicks away.

"Thanks Dale
I work in the RE field as a non-technical

manager and was very pleased to have found your book - it is just the thing I have been looking for."
Tig Armstrong

Bushlight - Regional Manager (Central Region)

Knowledge Brings Confidence

Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System is a reference book that you can not afford to be without, if you are at all interested in solar electric systems.

With the information contained in this ebook, if you are at all handy with tools, you should be well on your way to installing your own moderate sized solar electric system.

Even if you're not the handyman type or simply don't have the time to do the actual installation, the knowledge gained from this ebook will allow you to figure out the size of system you need.

You'll be able to purchase your components and contract out the job with confidence, knowing what is needed and what is going on at all stages of the installation.

Once your system is up and running, this ebook will continue to serve as an easy guide to the on-going maintenance of your system.

Priced at only $24.95, this ebook will absolutely benefit the novice as well as prove helpful to the more experienced user of solar electric power.

Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System will give you the knowledge to go about the installation and/or maintenance of your own solar powered system with a feeling of confidence and self-reliance.
The answers to the numerous questions that arise will be readily available.

"I really thank you for this book. Forty-five minutes of reading and I got more information than after 2 weeks with Google searching for solar power basics."
Sergey Reznik
Colorado School of Mines - Golden, Co.

Added Benefit

One of the advantages of ebooks is that they can be updated easily. As the technology in the field of alternative energy is rapidly evolving and, as this is an ebook, it can and will be continually updated to reflect any advances.

This ebook will not become outdated as soon as the technology changes, as do print books.

As an added benefit, when you order this ebook, any revisions to the ebook will be forwarded to you, free of charge, via e-mail.

(As an example, a chapter on Solar Roofing was recently added to the ebook and was also forwarded to all previous customers.)

E-mail support is also available on an ongoing basis to answer any questions that may arise.



As stated earlier, Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System was written with the idea in mind of taking some of the mystery out of solar power, in the hopes of expanding the use of alternative energy.

I'm so sure that you will find this ebook beneficial that I'm willing to back it up with a 100% unconditional, money-back guarantee.
Download Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System, read it, use it for a full 60 days risk free.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with this ebook, your money will be refunded. Period. No questions asked. No forms to fill out. Just ask and your money will be refunded.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

To download your copy instantly for just $24.95, click the order link below. This will take you to a secure credit-card payment server operated by ClickBank. Once your payment is completed (which typically takes a few seconds), you'll be instantly directed to the download page.

Understanding and Installing Your Own Solar Electric System

Understanding Solar

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