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Oil Crisis A Scam - Oil Is Naturally Produced


The Oil Crisis IS a SCAM!

Mara's Legacy I've got a dear friend on MySpace who recently first told me about this and although I was skeptical, I kept an open mind. I went looking once and did not find anything useful that stood out, she even sent me a pointer and I still did not find what I was looking for. But I remained open and curious. Curiosity is a great thing, because it is a form of seeking and Life will deliver to you that which you seek.

The other day I found a video interview that you will see at the end of this blog. Some new key words came to mind as I watched it and I did a Google search and found a wealth of information. Seek and you will find!

Did you know that Dinosaurs lived on Titan? Titan is one of the moons of Saturn? Or perhaps fossil fuels are not really fossil fuels at all. Science has been known to get it wrong. Popular opinion has been known to be a myth…you do know that the world used to be square don't you? It somehow magically became round when enough people decided it was round…true story! ;^)

Okay enough of the cheek! Let's take oil…did you know that old oil wells that have been capped up and left alone have replenished themselves? Yes, it is true, it has happened on this planet. This has been discovered recently when they went back to some old wells, they were refilled. The USA actually has plenty of oil to sustain most of our own needs and there are many new sources of oil being discovered all over the world.

Did you know that the Russians have drilled more than 310 successful super-deep oil wells, and put them into production? Wells that can provide all the oil we will ever need! Source:

And yes NASA scientists declare that there is an abundance methane of a non-biologic nature is found on Saturn's giant moon Titan. Of course, as far as we know, dinosaurs have never lived on Titan. Source:

The facts about oil seem to point to this…The earth produces plenty of oil to handle our needs. Of course anything that has a plentiful supply costs less. Does it surprise you that some corporate and government officials might be corrupt and yanking our chains for a profit? Did you know while we are paying astronomical sums of money for gas/petrol the oil companies are raking in the largest profits in history?

I have always wondered why the rich oil companies have not done a serious job of reinvested their funds into alternative energy sources. I mean it only makes sense to do that. Power is power. If they supply power through oil, or if they supply it through other renewable means, they still get paid…right? So again my curiosity has been satisfied! The reason they are not going after other ways is because they know the oil crisis is a farce. The oil crisis is manufactured so that they can raise their profits, and so that they can gain control of a frightened world!

Okay so this is a big topic, open for a lot of debate, and debate about this issue is NOT what I am interested in. Do your own research. Do not rely on only one source to tell you how much oil, or food, or water is left for us to share. If you EDUCATE YOURSELF you can eliminate your worries and fears about these concerns. Truth is truth and debating truth is pointless.

Check out this website...

And DO follow the links on it which point to many articles supporting what I report here in this blog. I have read many of the articles and they are great and provide a lot of hope.

Our real problem is corrupt people in high places. God has given us an abundant world where all of our needs are met. When do you think the masses of people are going to get off of their lazy asses for long enough to manage their own social systems instead of electing corrupt scam artists that we call politicians to lie to us and cheat us?

I have written a blog called International World Government which gives some details of how we can take control of our lives and freedoms back…you would think that with 7000 friends I should have at least 5000 comments about the brilliance of this suggestion. LOOK FOLKS! If you want a better world YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO CREATE IT! You cannot leave it up to other people to do it for you!

Okay enough of the lecture! Here is that video I promised you earlier. It is Alex Jones interviewing Texe Marrs…


Okay Texe does have some crazy ideas posted on his website…but in this video the info is pretty much good stuff. For the complete interview go to using the following links…

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Part 5 -
Part 6 -

So what happens if we just keep on burning that oil as gasoline? Pollution right? There are ways to get around that by burning a small amount of hydrogen gas in our engines with the gasoline! By doing that it burns the gasoline more efficiently and it also significantly reduces the pollutants. And the hydrogen gas can be generated from water as the car is driven.

Check out these guys… I have bought many informative books and DVDs from these guys in the past! This is someone I just recently found but their info looks good and seems to be in alignment with other info I have seen in many other places over a long period of time.

This is just the tip of the iceberg…let our current prisoners free and incarcerate our current politicians, as well as all those who have served in our legislative and judicial branches for the last…well lets just throw any of them who are still alive into prison! I think we would be living in a much better world…OKAY NOW I AM BEING REAL CHEEKY! You know I am an advocate of rehabilitation over incarceration! You can take a joke can't you?

Love and Blessings,
Michael Skowronski
Author of Unforgettable: A Love and Spiritual Growth Story


Tired of High Gas Prices? Use Water For Gas
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